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Elder Law

Find answers to your questions on senior supports, maintaining financial freedom and autonomy, Alzheimer's, planning for incapacity, aging in place, and Long-Term Care.
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Age Gracefully.

This course provides useful information and resources to help seniors avoid the financial and legal pitfalls that can devastate a family coping with the aging process. The information contained in this course includes some of our most commonly asked questions on Medicare, Medicaid, Senior Property Tax Exemptions, and more.
In this course we will discuss:
  • Assessing and addressing care needs
  • Senior Property Tax Exemptions
  • Medicare and Medicare Supplements, including what you need to know about Medicare's hospital and rehabilitation benefit
  • Washington Medicaid, including eligibility requirements, advance planning, crisis planning for married couples, crisis planning for single individuals, the in-home care vs. facility care options, and more
  • Veteran's Benefits Planning (Aid and Attendance)
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Physician Assisted Suicide

Course contents