Successor Trustee Manual

What you are going to learn

The Missing Manual for Successor Trustees

In 2017, we began offering out clients the Successor Trustee Manual. This manual, together with the course video - the ABCs of Acting as Successor Trustee give broad guidance for Successor Trustees (both current and future) with respect to their role in administering the Trust.
Throughout this course you will learn the following (and more):
  • Checklist for Actions upon Disability or Death
  • Becoming Familiar with the Trust
  • Tips for Working with the Beneficiaries
  • Review of your Trustee Duties and Powers
  • Record keeping
  • Dealing with Income Taxes
  • Estate Taxes
  • Accounting to the Beneficiaries
  • Making Distributions
  • Transitioning Trusteeship
  • Termination of the Trust